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The Panda (大熊猫)Cigarettes One Carton

The Panda (大熊猫)Cigarettes One Carton $189.00
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Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / Chinese 中国烟
Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / PREMIUM 高级烟
Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / Carton 按条
Product ID: 1762

Your only source for Panda cigarettes.

One carton includes 10 packs This brand was made famous after Deng Xiao Ping famously smoked them each and every day of his administration. People are known to stand in line in stores even before they open to get a chance to snag a carton of Panda cigarettes. Notice the extra long filter of Panda cigarettes. Also notice the authenticity code that can only be seen with an ultraviolet light. This confirms that your Panda cigarettes are authentic. The Wall Street Journal did an article on Panda Cigarettes and why they are so coveted. Jeffrey from was interviewed for the article.

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