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HAN CAO Variety Pack Chinese Herbal Pure Natural Cigarettes 3 Packs

HAN CAO Variety Pack Chinese Herbal Pure Natural Cigarettes 3 Packs $25.99
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Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / Herbal 汉草烟
Product ID: 1545

Your Only Source For Chinese Herbal Cigarettes

Not sure which style of HAN CAO cigarettes you like? No problem. Just buy this variety pack to try them first. You get one pack each of "Silk", "Jade", "Light", and "Premium.

Smokers have a right to smoke; and they enjoy a good cigarette. But if you ask them, most will admit that their health is also a concern.

All cigarettes contain nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and hundreds of other chemicals that manufacturers put into tobacco. Not HanCao. This cigarette contains only Chinese herbal medicine.

Hancao cigarettes can be a herbal replacement for your regular cigarettes or a periodic treat to cleanse your lungs. It does not contain tobacco, nicotine, tar, or any of the other chemical additives. It is 100% pure Chinese herbal medicine, including herbs such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, purple perilla, mulberry leaves, ginseng, and lotus leaf. The herbal blend is slightly alkaline, which counteracts the accumulated acidic buildup in your lungs.

As a replacement to your regular cigarette, it may take you a few puffs to get accustomed to the natural taste, but you will soon come to enjoy the pure herbal essence that you inhale.

As a periodic treat, the manufacturer of Hancao cigarettes recommends smoking 2/3 of your regular cigarettes to 1/3 of HanCao herbal cigarettes. This will give your lungs a break and also clear up some of the acidic buildup in your lungs.

Shipped from Beijing, CHINA to your doorstep.

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