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Four Cartons 四条烟 Herbal 汉草烟 DJ MIX/Peel 水果 PREMIUM 高级烟 ZNH 中南海 Chinese 中国烟
Soft Zhong Hua Chinese Cigs 4 Cartons 软中华4条

Soft Zhong Hua Chinese Cigs 4 Cartons 软中华4条 $450.00
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Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / Four Cartons 四条烟
Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / PREMIUM 高级烟
Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / Chinese 中国烟
Chinese Cigarettes / Chung Hwa 中华
Product ID: 1732

Chinese Cigarettes Best Deal!

This is one of the most prestigious brands of cigarettes in China. At that high price, when people see you carrying around a soft pack of Zhong Hua cigs, they know you're part of the elite class.

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