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Chung Hwa (Zhong Hua) Premium Chinese Cigarettes One Pack

Chung Hwa (Zhong Hua) Premium Chinese Cigarettes One Pack $12.99
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Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / PREMIUM 高级烟
Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / Chinese 中国烟
Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / Pack 按包
Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS / ALL cigs 所有烟
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Your only source for Premium Chinese cigarettes.

This is the preferred cigarette for factory bosses all around the southern coastal belt of China. Bosses lose face if they smoke anything else. And if their peers start smoking the more expensive soft packs, then THEY have to switch to the soft packs, in order to not lose face. Must save face. Face is all important.

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