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Ha Ta Men Brand Chinese Cigarettes One Pack

Ha Ta Men Brand Chinese Cigarettes One Pack $4.99
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The Eastern seaboard province of Sandong is the home of Ha Ta Men cigarettes. During the initial years of this brand, it's selling point was that the cigarettes contained crushed bone powder from China's wild tigers. To the West, this seems like a nonsensical and wasteful practice. But to the Chinese, tiger parts were (and still are) known to be powerful aphrodisiacs.

And oh, did this brand sell well. So well, in fact, that other cigarette manufacturers began challenging the crushed bone content of the cigarettes. Ha Ta Men's makers defended their cigarettes, even eulogizing the powers of tigers in the form of poetry and placing the poems on the cigarette packs themselves.

Other brands began advertising their cigarettes as containing other tiger parts, including crushed Tiger gall stone, crushed Tiger claw, and crushed Tiger teeth. But the other brands just did not catch on. Eventually, the government outlawed the use of tiger parts and made it a protected animal. Even so, the Tiger poetry still remains on the packaging, as does the curious history of Ha Ta Men cigarettes.

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