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Customer Feedback/ FAQ
Are your cigarettes counterfeit?
ANSWER: No, we only buy from government licensed tobacco dealers.

How do I know you're not a scam?
ANSWER: We get that all the time. Do a due diligence search on, search for '' and see what comes up.

Can my shipping and billing address be different?
ANSWER: It depends. If you are a repeat customer, we are more inclined to let you do that. You may be buying them and shipping them to a friend as a gift. If you are a new customer, we feel less secure about that and might not allow it.

Can you ship to US army locations worldwide?
ANSWER: Yes. We have many customers in Iraq and Afganistan. May they all come home safely.

Do you have any other websites?
ANSWER: We try to stay focused. Accordingly, we only have one single site to serve our customers.

Do you have an inventory/warehouse in the US?
ANSWER: Sorry, at this point we only have a warehouse in Asia.

Why are you always out of Pink Elephant cigs?
ANSWER: This is confounding us as well. It's just impossible to find these.

Why is your shipping so expensive?
ANSWER: When you ship something from 2000 miles away in Asia, it tends to cost more than shipping from Texas.

Do you ship in plain packaging?
ANSWER: Yes. Nothing on the packaging indicates that the contents are cigarettes.

Are your cigarettes fresh?
ANSWER: Yes. We stock very little stock. We tend to purchase your cigs after you order it, so it's not sitting on our warehouse for a long time. The stock we do carry has a very high turnover rate, and our humidor is temperature and humidity controlled at 70% humidity and 20 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature and humidity levels for tobacco.

My order is missing a pack of cigarettes. Why?
ANSWER: We have no idea either. Maybe the Customs inspector ran out of his cigs, so it was just convenient to take one of yours.

My package has not been released by CANADA customs. Now what?
ANSWER: There will always be a risk that CANADA Customs will collect a duty fee from you.And we can not promise the refund because of it . But as i know , cost add duty fee is also more cheaper than buying at local cigs shops. 12/31/2012

Hi Jeffrey. I have some questions. 1. Why dont you have Cartion of Black Devil's (Vanilla Taste) would be really lovely if you could do that, 2. Where is the location of the place where you send from, cus im living in Denmark, and was wondering how long it would take for 3 Cartons to get to me :) Jan. :)
ANSWER: Hello Jan. Sometimes we just run out of stock because customers buy up all our stock, or our supplier(s) also ran out. We ship from the capital of China, Beijing. A package to Denmark may take 10-15 days shipped by airmail and 4-7 days shipped by EMS.

Greetings Jeffrey, I am very excited to receive a pack of Zhong Nan Hai 8's [order number: 9506] as they are my favorite cigarettes. I was wondering if there is anyway to track the progress of the pack's shipment or receive an estimated date of when the cigarettes will arrive? Thank you, Gordon
ANSWER: Gordon, if you want to track your shipment as it crosses the high seas, then you should request for us to ship by EMS. We will do our best to accommodate you. EMS keeps their online tracking very up to date, unlike airmail service.

Hi, do you ship worldwide?
ANSWER: Yes we are proud to ship worlwide, except for areas of rampant credit card fraud.

Hey do you require a signature to recieve the package?
ANSWER: If we ship your package by EMS, then you will have to sign for the package. If we ship it by airmail, then you won't need to sign for it. If you cannot be home to receive your package, then request airmail delivery by writing us a note in the 'notes' section of checkout.

I am interested in buying several of your ".357 Python Lighters", maybe 2 or 3, and I was wondering if you could post up a Youtube video demonstrating all the gun's actions, opening, dry-firing, loading shells, hammer, cylinder, etc... this would be a great help, and as I said, if it all looks good, I may buy a few.
ANSWER: I'm sorry, we are no longer selling the Python lighter.

How much is the cost to ship one carton to the UK? Also, have you heard any reports of customs seizing the contents - what do you write on customs form? LUKE

ANSWER: Please check our shipping cost for our shipping fee worldwide. We write "gift" on Parcel Post packages and write nothing on EMS packages.

do you send packages to chile? haw much does it cost? when are gona have more phink elephant cigaretes? can u tell me please you tel number to contact you? thanks kilian

ANSWER: Yes we send packages to Chile. Shipping cost to Chile is the same as the rest of the world. Please check our shipping chart. We have no way of predicting when we will get more Pink Elephant Cigarettes in stock. Please call 1.650.452.6190 to reach us. That is a USA number.

May 30 2008
Hi there Jefferey.
I have now ordered 2 cartons of DJ mix cigarettes, the second came today and i am extremely happy with your service. Will be ordered from you for a long time. Thanks alot. Kind Regards,
Robert Flude

Hi Jeffrey , i got all the cigs today 5 packs of 520 + 1 carton of dunhill.. u guys marked as shoes and i didn't get charge anything very cool thx alot i will introduce more frds to you guys. take care man! chang 3/13/08 QUESTION: Hi, Jeffrey. I received my shipment (#4175) yesterday, but it only contained a carton of the Lu Shan and a carton of MARLBOROS. I mean, cigarettes are cigarettes and all...but Marlboros are kinda shitty. Maybe customs slipped them in or something. Anyway, let me know what I should do. Until then, the Lu Shans are great. Thanks!
ANSWER: Cody, not sure what happened with your order, why would customs slip in some marlboros? to get rid of them? hey, how about I throw in some free packs of cigs for your next order? dont know what else to do. Jeffrey

3/13/08 QUESTION: jeffery: i was about to pay you, i am wondering if you have a paypal account i can pay you at or credit card is the only way? thanks alot!
ANSWER: We tried to apply for both Paypal and Moneybookers accounts, but they do not accept payments for tobacco purchases. So we only accept credit card payments. Sorry!

3/13/08 QUESTION: I paid for 5 day airmail yet you mention it could take 21 days? I messaged you previously about this and recieved no reply. If it is not here by tuesday 26th february,[TOMORROW]I 'll expect a refund for the shipping cost difference.
ANSWER: EMS should only take 3-5 days. However, since we only ship once a week on Friday, there may have been some delays because of that. I will put a note about that on the home page.

3/13/08 QUESTION: I like your web site. It gives us tobacco users a chance to experience something different. I was wondering while I don't mind ordering online at all if you knew if DJ MIX cigarettes could be purchased in Houston, Texas locally?
ANSWER: I am not sure if anyone is importing DJ into Houston. Contact your local tobacco shop.

Ben, from Charlottesville, Virginia:
"Your cigarette selection and prices are excellent, and your shipping rates are very fair. I look forward to becoming one of your regular customers!"

Constantine, from UK:
"I appreciate letting me adding stuff to my order at the last minute. Didn't mean to cause trouble but I didn't want to enter another order and have to wait another few days to get my stuff."

Jesse, from NYC:
"I got my goods in only 8 days! Speed of delivery as well as attentive customer service makes your website my choice for Chinese cigs. "

Ray, from Wooster, Ohio:
"Thank you for the prompt service. I recieved the goods without a hitch, and I will definitely be buying from you again!"

Matthew, from Saratoga, California:
"The product was packaged very well, so the overseas shipping didn't cause any damage at all! Kudos to you and your staff. "

Holly, from London, UK:
"I loved the Mao cap, thank you. Thanks for taking the trouble to give me that extra star pin that I requested. "

James, from Sweden:
"You guys have great prices and great service, thank you. Shipping was not as slow as I thought!"

April 10, 2008
Hello Jeffrey,
I wanted to let you know that I received my order of cigarettes and they are great. Thank you for having a great business and I will do business with you again in the future. Many thanks and have a good day.

April 20 2008
I saw the advertisement you placed on your site about good will packs for collectors, Being a big Chinese cigarette collector my self I was wondering if I could take you up on the offer. Usually I have a relative who makes frequent trips to china bring me new packs he finds however I noticed a few packs on you site that I do not have and he has not seen. I am indeed a registered collector, . I was cocentrating on your Guo Bao Brand and your Zuan Shi Diamond Brand If you could make either of these brands available to me it would take me one pack closer to having a pack of all China's 370+ Brands

If this is at all possible I would be extremely grateful

Thank You Very Much From an Avid Collector

Jon A. Ernst

May 12 2008
hi jeffrey,just wanted to say thank you for the cigarettes. very quick delivery and i will be a regular customer. unfortunately the laws in the uk only allow one carton per delivery,possibly two. anyway,once again many thanks. myles lean

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