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Four Cartons 四条烟 Herbal 汉草烟 DJ MIX/Peel 水果 PREMIUM 高级烟 ZNH 中南海 Chinese 中国烟

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    Four Cartons 四条烟
    Herbal 汉草烟
    DJ MIX/Peel 水果
    PREMIUM 高级烟
    ZNH 中南海
    Chinese 中国烟
    Girlie 女人烟
    Menthol 薄荷
    Flavored 带味道
    Slim 细烟
    Light 清淡烟
    Carton 按条
    Pack 按包
    Variety 拼盘
    Value 按重量
    Foreign 外国烟
    CHEAP 便宜烟
    Collectors 收集
    ALL cigs 所有烟
  Chung Hwa 中华
Current Category Chinese Cigarettes / CHINESE CIGS
Sub-Categories Four Cartons 四条烟, Herbal 汉草烟, DJ MIX/Peel 水果, PREMIUM 高级烟, ZNH 中南海, Chinese 中国烟, Girlie 女人烟, Menthol 薄荷, Flavored 带味道, Slim 细烟, Light 清淡烟, Carton 按条, Pack 按包, Variety 拼盘, Value 按重量, Foreign 外国烟, CHEAP 便宜烟, Collectors 收集, ALL cigs 所有烟, GIFT CIGS

CHINESE CIGS - China has a history of 2000 years. Accordingly, some brands of Chinese cigarettes have been in business for hundreds of years. Each has its own unique and sometimes surprising history. Delve within these pages to find out more. Chinese cigarettes are a novelty to some, collectables to others, and a nostalgic reminder of home for many.

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